Should You Repair Or Replace Your Bumper After A Collision?

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Collisions always cause minor to significant damage to your vehicle's parts. Thus, the viable action after an accident is getting collision repair services. Whereas the wear on some parts is not easily visible, the bumper is one of the parts where you can identify damage with a glance.

Nonetheless, the severity of damage determines whether you'll need bumper collision repair or replacement service. Read on to find out the different types of bumper damage your vehicle could face after an accident and your best course of action.


A collision could leave your vehicle with repairable or unrepairable cracks. A repair suffices for minor to moderate gaps. Nonetheless, if you have big breaks, go for a replacement because large gaps compromise your bumper's integrity. If you don't replace a bumper that has big cracks, it won't offer sufficient protection the next time you face a collision.


Bumper collision repair services work if the dents are not so deep. Your mechanic pulls out the dent and restores your vehicle to normal. On the flipside, profound or multiple dents involve a lot of labor and time that doesn't make financial sense. Besides, large dents reduce your bumper's strength and expose your car to further future damage during collisions.

Hooks and Fasteners Damage

The fasteners and hooks that hold your bumper in place suffer damage when exposed to high impact. When the attachments are loose, your bumper could fall off, so your mechanic tightens the parts back into place. Nonetheless, broken fasteners are irreparable, and the ideal option is to get a new bumper.

Paint Damage

Minor paint damage like scrapes and scuffs can be sanded to remove the clear coat and factory paint. Then, your mechanic finishes the repair with a new layer of paint that makes your bumper as good as new. A replacement is a more viable auto collision repair for a large proportion of paint damage.

Underlying Body Damage

Collisions that dent a bumper can cause severe frame damage. If your frame has cracks or twists, the constant vibration when you drive worsens the problem. Even if your bumper doesn't look so bad, if your inner parts are damaged, a bumper replacement after the internal part repair is a more viable option. Otherwise, you will have to seek costlier collision repair services to fix worse damage.


Many collision repair service shops inspect your bumper's damage and offer guidance. Bumper collision repairs are always cheaper than replacements but do not always make economic sense when severe damage occurs. Also, never compromise your vehicle's future protection for a lower price.

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