Making My Car Special

4 Tips To Help You Save On Auto Body Repairs

Whether you have a small ding or more serious damage to your car, an imperfection can take away from the beauty of your vehicle. Depending on the repair that needs to be done, it can have a big impact on your budget. Fortunately, there are ways you can save on your auto body repairs.  Consider […]

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How To Patch Fiberglass Auto Bumpers

There a few things that can ruin a nice car like a dented bumper. Luckily, most bumpers are made out of fiberglass instead of metal. This makes them much easier to repair, even if you are not an auto body expert. With the right tools, you can fix small dents and scratches on your car […]

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How To Repair Deep Key Scratches

It can be really upsetting to find out that someone keyed your car. It’s important to take care of key scratches on your car’s surface quickly. If you don’t fill them in quickly, they could rust and damage the overall value of your vehicle. Thankfully, deep paint scratches can be repaired easily. Preparation In order […]

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