Vehicle Hail Damage Protection And Repair Tips

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When you live in a state in the Midwest or Great Plains, you will likely see at least a few hail storms each spring and summer. Hail storms can blow through your area and bring hailstones anywhere from the size of a marble up to the size of a softball in some instances. And when you experience the larger-sized hailstones, you will see an increase in the amount of damage to your vehicle and may need to file a claim with your auto insurance and get essential repairs made. Here are some recommendations to help you protect your car against hail damage and to get it repaired when it happens.

Contact a Local Hail Damage Repair Shop

When a big hail storm blows through your area with a heavy amount of large hailstones, it is understandable that there are going to be a lot of vehicle owners affected by the hail damage and need repairs. Large hailstones can easily crack windshields, moonroof glass, and side windows on vehicles and leave dents on the hood, trunk, and other panels on vehicles. 

For this reason, call and check around for local businesses that provide hail damage repairs and auto glass replacement or even pop-up shops to handle the same types of repairs. Often all the local auto repair shops can get overwhelmed and backlogged with hail damage requests and you might have to wait several days or more to get your vehicle repaired. You can also contact your insurance company to find out about local auto service repair shops that can handle windshield repair and vehicle dent damage repair.

Take Action With Protection

If you are out and about with your vehicle when the hail storm hits, there are some steps you can take to provide protection to your vehicle and avoid hail damage. First, try to find cover under an overpass, bridge, or a gas station covering. You can also look to park and take shelter directly next to a building on its leeward side to protect your vehicle from the wind and driving hail.

It can also be helpful to stop driving and remove your vehicle's mats from inside and place them over the windshield to protect it from hail damage. And if you have a blanket stored in your vehicle, this can provide enough protection to your vehicle from dents and cracks from hailstones. Spread it over the hood and top of your vehicle for protection.

To learn more about repairing hail damage, contact a local auto hail damage repair service today.