After Damaging Your Vehicle, The Installation Of These Devices Can Help Prevent Further Damage

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It's a little embarrassing damaging your vehicle because of a simple oversight, such as backing into your garage door or side swiping a signpost in the parking lot of the mall. While your local auto body repair shop will be able to fix the damage and have your car looking like new again, it's up to you to keep it that way, and investing in some useful devices for your vehicle can reduce the risk of another incident that causes similar damage. Here are some items that you can buy in your local automotive supply store that can reduce the likelihood of further body damage.

Back-Up Camera

If you vehicle isn't equipped with a back-up camera, it's a smart investment to buy an aftermarket version and have it installed. A back-up camera will show you not only what is directly behind your vehicle, but also what is off to the sides, thanks to its wide range of vision. This means that you'll no longer have to be nervous about damaging your vehicle's rear bumper when you're backing up, whether it's in public or in your own driveway. Many back-up cameras can provide you with a high degree of night vision, too, further reducing the risk of damaging your car's body when you're backing up in the dark.

Stick-On Convex Mirrors

For a minimal investment, you can pick up a package of two convex mirrors that have an adhesive backing and that can be stuck to the outer edges of your two side mirrors. These are ideal because of their convex shape, which allows you to see what's side you with greater ease. If you're making a tight turn around a signpost, for example, the convex mirror can give you a better idea of exactly how close the post is. This can prevent you from brushing up against it and damaging the body of your vehicle.

Rear Bumper Guard

Even with a back-up camera, it never hurts to take an extra step to prevent damage to your car's body. You can do so by buying a rear bumper guard. There are many types of this product, including a simple one connects inside your trunk and hangs down over the bumper. It's essentially a thick padded piece of rubber or foam that will prevent scratches and cracks to your bumper during minor accidents, such as backing into something. These devices are typically easy to install on your own, too.

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