Debunking Frequent Myths About Collision Repair And Automotive Paint

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Seeing the vehicle that you have worked hard to obtain damaged in a collision can definitely be disheartening. However, auto collision experts work very hard to restore wrecked vehicles to their former glory after an accident and most customers find themselves well pleased when everything is over. Yet many customers have worries and concerns about auto collision repair and how it will affect the appearance of their vehicle, especially when it comes to paint. Here are a few of the biggest myths about auto collision and new paint that you should know as a potential customer. 

Myth: The repaired areas will be clearly visible because of the new paint.

Fact: The repaired areas of your car will not likely be noticeable to the untrained eye. When only a portion of a car is painted during repair work, the painted area is usually blended out onto the surfaces of the car that were not damaged at all, which makes new paint much less noticeable. In some cases, the professional will even add new clear coat to the entire vehicle to achieve a more uniform look.

Myth: You cannot get the same paint colors that you have on your vehicle during collision repair.

Fact: Collision repair centers will go to great lengths to obtain the exact same brand, color, and consistency of paint that you have on your vehicle. Granted, this task can be difficult to achieve with some older model cars. However, even if the expert cannot find an exact match, they will make sure that it is as close to perfect as possible, even if it means creating a custom product using more than one type of paint.

Myth: The newly painted areas of your car will be more susceptible to damage.

Fact: For whatever reason, collision repair customers often fall for this myth even though it is absolutely untrue. In fact, the new paint will likely be more resilient than the existing paint you already have on your vehicle. It will be applied in the same fashion as it was in the factory and will have a new protective clear coat that has never been exposed to the elements.

Understanding the basic facts about how your paint will be after collision repair will make you much more at ease with the whole repair and restoration process as a customer. If you have additional worries or concerns, be sure to talk to an auto collision expert like one from Ohs' Body Shop's Inc for more information.