3 Steps To Removing A Scratch From A Bumper

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If you have a scratch on your bumper, it doesn't affect much other than the car's appearance. If you want to fix the scratch, it is usually something you can handle on your own. Here are some easy tips to follow if you would like to remove those unsightly scratches.

Apply Masking Tape

The first thing you need to do when you are trying to remove scratches from your bumper is apply masking tape to the area. This allows you to better see the area you are working with and prevents you from accidentally working on an area that doesn't have scratches. Find the location of all scratches on the bumper, then start applying masking tape around them, leaving a few inches to work with. You can also cover a larger surface by using newspaper and masking tape. If the part of the bumper that is scratched is close to the paint of your car, mask off the car as well.

Sand the Surface

Now that you have masked off the scratched areas, you can start smoothing them out. A fine-grit sandpaper works great for getting the area nice and smooth, which is going to allow the paint to stick better to the bumper. Sand all exposed areas of the bumper, including the scratches and the extra area you left unmasked. Start sanding in the deepest parts of the scratches, which is most likely near the center of the scratch. Begin sanding the scratch to smooth it out until it starts to disappear. The sanding won't completely get rid of them, but you will notice a considerable difference in their appearance.

Run your finger over the area periodically until it feels smooth and even, and you no longer feel a different texture where the scratches are. Continue sanding in different directions until you are happy with the surface.

Paint the Bumper

You can now paint the bumper on the area where the scratches were. If your car is older and your entire bumper was a little faded, you can remove the tape and newspaper and paint the entire bumper. On the other hand, it is best to just paint the area you sanded to get rid of the appearance of the scratches. It is up to you if you want to use primer first. Primer does help the paint stick better and give it a long-lasting appearance, but it is optional.

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